My Journey So Far

About Me

Shukla Chowdhury, Contemporary Fine Artist/Painter, India

As a child, I dwelled in an imaginative and incomprehensible world of dreams. I spent days in absolute solitude, drawing on the floor, playing under the shade of umbrellas, rolling marbles in the sun, singing songs in praise of ‘neem’ flowers, and conversing with the clouds, trees, birds and anything else that seemed to embrace my innocence. These seemingly insignificant and mundane moments fascinated me no end.

My parents got me involved with art, music and dance at an early age. As these artistic explorations unfurled in my life, I was encouraged to study the aspects of creativity further. Eventually, I pursued fine art at Santiniketan, Vishwabharati University. Rabindranath’s art, literature & philosophy left a deep imprint on my mind. My simple surroundings allowed me to absorb the diverse facets of nature and culture. At Santiniketan’s Kala Bhavan, I faced no dearth of inspiration, and it is here that I developed the philosophy of appreciation; the exquisiteness of art & life, the vividness of natural creations, the significance of aesthetics and spirituality lent form to an artistic inquiry that lured me into examining the latency of nature’s complexities. I’ve been a devoted explorer of life’s unbounded fantasies and unexplained mysteries ever since.

My creative pursuit has afforded me a true identity. This wonderful voyage has taken me beyond the realms of ordinariness, and elevated my sense of being. When I paint, I transcend the precincts of logic, and emerge in the macrocosm of after life and eternity. The Phoenix, a mythical entity that symbolizes immortality, is my alter ego- a friend and a guide. As I wander through the ether of imagination, the Phoenix motivates me to take uncharted paths, and in doing so, I embark on a quest to celebrate life that will help me to realize the supreme creation that is the universe.